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Mail Boxes

mail boxesAlthough the more technological gadget, cell phone or hand phone, is mushroomized, yet, it cannot substitutes the function of letters in special occasion like formal letter in a business field, greeting cards, post cards and so on. The sense of deep meaning will lose immediately if that function is substituted by the use of the electronic as one of the result of modernization because it deals with heart, moreover for greeting and post card. That’s why the function of mailboxes is still there for its existence.

As it has a very great function the shape of mailbox is frequently adjusted with the design of the house also. There are many interesting shapes of mail boxes which usually people use. But, generally it is divided into two. Those are legged mail boxes and the next is un-legged mail boxes. The legged one is usually employed by a house which has larger yard. Yet, the un-legged mail boxes are usually the one which is put in the wall. One example of wall mail box is the wall mount mailbox which is great in shape. There are a lot of form of this wall boxes that can be suited with the design of the wall.